Identity, Product Design

As a designer and beekeeper I developed my own brand C'EST BIEN and the product design for this unique city honey from Cologne. My partner and me transfered our passion for nature and the bees into the lovingly prepared packaging of our blossom honey. Our aim is to generate attention and to sensibilisize people how important bees are in urban space. C'EST BIEN is a complete natural finished honey coming from the heart of our garden in Cologne, »Coeur de jardin.« Our lovingly handcrafted honey find its way directly from honeycomb to glass. Our aim is to create a seal with the picture-brand of C'EST BIEN for products from nature, as a promise for a healthy consumption with all senses. The honeybee is the centerpiece that brings life to the nature. The name C'EST BIEN derives from the »Bien« – the bee colony; at the same time its the French translation of »That is good.« Our flowerhoney is a preciousness of nature – the handpainted bee made of indian ink and the high quality print emphasizes the hand-picked character of our nature product. Team: Christian Muck (Partner), Peter Bajer (Fotografie), Daniela Thiel (Fotografie und Film) und Stefan Kirchner (Produktion). 2016 www.cestbien.de

C'EST BIEN. Handpicked Love.
Silk paper. Packaging.
Flower and Honey