»Unity in Diversity«

Corporate ReDesign

The Berlin-based IT Service provider for outstanding Software and System Solutions »New Image Creative Web Solutions« becomes »New Image Systems.« This renaming involves a repositioning of the company as »the coding experts« and a relaunch of the corporate design. We recreate this identity, keeping in mind that the company's employees are its greatest good. The diagonal, as part of the logotype's N represents the core design element, which is the basis for the whole concept.The diagonal covers everything from web to interior, 6 personal colours give the identity a distinct personal touch – 1 per employee. Paper with a high opacity and eco-friendly CO2 neutral production manifests the ambition to create remarkable software and system solutions. As Co-Founder of Boymeetsgirl Design Studio. Awarded with the Silver European Design Award 2012, iF Communication Design Award 2013 and nominated for the German Design Award 2013. n-image.de

Unity in Diversity - Bild 1
Unity in Diversity - Bild 2
Unity in Diversity - Bild 3
Unity in Diversity - Bild 4
Unity in Diversity - Bild 5
Unity in Diversity - Bild 6
Unity in Diversity - Bild 8
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