»Deine Welt«

Brand Space

The Deutsche Telekom is positioning itself as a full-service-provider offering the best service possible from a single source. This strategy is the basic idea for the appearance at the IFA 2007 in Berlin. Based on the slogan »Your World« a superstructure was created in order to unite all the different products and services to a coherent experience. I supported the team as an art director and together we developed the experiential areas for the different sub-brands, the signage and all communication measures regarding the IFA 2007. q~bus direct with its own Software ~sedna presenter digital content. In collaboration with q~bus, Mediatektur. Achievement: Art Direction and Design.
Deine Welt - Bild 2
Deine Welt - Bild 3
Deine Welt - Bild 4
Deine Welt Bild 5
Deine Welt Bild 5