»The Art of Progress«

Editorial Design

The 100th anniversary of Audi is culminating with a world premiere. The new edition of the company's flagship model A8 is being presented during the »Art Basel Miami Beach.« The new car is integrated into an innovative Art-like installation and featured in an exhibition called »The Art of Progress«, which is opened during a spectacular vernissage party. This concept and its title are also applied to the launch of the new A8 in Europe, where it is unveiled at international art events and special dealer events. In collaboration with Mutabor I developed the visual concept for the dealer guideline and was responsible for editing content and pictures. Achievement: Art Direction, Design system, editorial. Copywriter Jürgen Schöneich. Designer Finn Sienknecht.
The Art of Progress - Bild1
The Art of Progress - Bild2
The Art of Progress - Bild3
The Art of Progress - Bild4
The Art of Progress - Bild5